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Designing a kitchen bench top that works for you isn’t just about getting the right colour. There are other details to consider that can create boldness or subtlety, sharpness or softness. Set in Stone will custom make a work of art designed around your personal taste and the effect you wish to achieve, as the finishing touch to your kitchen or bathroom.


All of the stones we source are of the highest quality and each have their own unique characteristics whether natural or engineered.

Engineered or man made stones are made quartz and are highly scratch and stain resistant. The stone has been developed prioritizing practicality, durability and low maintenance, boasting fashionable colours whilst still having the stony look and feel.

Granite and Marble display a natural raw beauty and distinct depth of colour. As no two slabs are identical you may personally select your own stone, guarantying unique a totally unique bench top in regard to colour and pattern.


All stones are available in slabs 20mm thickness, and a limited selection is available in 30mm.

The most common thickness is 40mm option where two 20mm pieces are joined together in either a lamination process or miter process to give the appearance the stone is 40mm solid all the way through. Mitering is also available for any other width of edge profile, of up to 100mm, for a striking and robust finish. This is usually suited to larger kitchens.

Edge Profiling

Edge detail can be used to create a particular effect depending on the style of the kitchen. The most common edge is a pencil round which is straight, modern and simple, it has a small round top and bottom to remove the sharpness. Other edge types are bevel, bull nose, and shark nose. 

Want to see more profiles in person? Call us now on 9907 3255

Sink and Cook Top Options

All cut outs for standard sinks, cook tops, and power points are done at our factory where possible to minimise installation time. Under mount sinks are an added feature which incurs an additional charge as the sink is mounted from underneath, and the hole for the sink is polished around the inside. Please advise us if you are considering an under mount sink.


Your quote will include the supply of stone, manufacture and installation, unless otherwise specified. We will provide you with a prompt and competitive quote from plans or dimensions that you supply. A visit to our showroom is advised to compare colours, finishes and edge detailing, and to enable us to answer any questions you may have. Come and see the entire range of stones available and obtain samples if required.

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