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Set in Stone Silica Safety Statement


We appreciate the genuine enquiries from our clients in regards to the recent silicosis updates that have been highlighted in the media. It pleases us to know that clients intend to make educated and conscious decisions when it comes to selecting their stone bench top manufacturer, which means choosing a company that is compliant and puts the safety and wellbeing of their staff as their top priority.


At Set in Stone Marble & Granite Pty Ltd we maintain the highest level of safety and standards within the workplace.  We have been accredited by Safe Work NSW for our manufacturing processes, our correct and mandatory Personal Protective Equipment, and our air quality which has been laboratory tested and found to be well below the minimum safety requirements. We have state of the art machinery, all of which are water fed and therefore do not create any dust which eliminates the risk to our staff.


Safe Work have systematically been assessing bench top manufacturers for the last 6 years and Set in Stone are pleased to say that we were one of the first in this process. Prior to being assessed we already had very stringent safety procedures in place, and it was reassuring to have that reinforced by Safe Work NSW.


Being compliant in our industry comes at a cost.  Some companies that have not implemented the rigorous safety standards to conduct their work safely to protect their staff to the highest level. We understand that clients will take this into consideration when making the decision regarding who their fabricator will be.


Set in Stone Marble & Granite are proud to be one of the leading companies Sydney wide offering low silica options at the forefront of our product range.

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